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Our Pet Turf involves:

The grass is always green on the other side… but only if it’s alive.

You see, when dogs urinate on your lawn, it kills the grass, leaving brown spots, which look ugly and destroy the beauty of your lawn and home.

But now, there is a better way! At Texas Fake Grass , we specialize in artificial grass solutions for dogs that have the look and feel of a real grass!

Our synthetic lawns use secure and non-toxic material that can be used indoors or outdoors… and can easily be cleaned!

Give your loyal friend the freedom to play all day long without getting dirty and the freedom to “get busy” without killing your lawn.

A 100% natural, environmentally safe, odor-absorbing, artificial grass from Texas Fake Grass will keep both you and your best friend enjoying the green grass from every side!

K9 Grass

Fake grass can be installed in a way that allows the drainage of pet waste. This, combined with a simple washing can really keep the K9 grass looking its best of years to come. Our thick and rich grass is perfect for any lawn and it keeps the lawn looking nice without all the added fuss. Astroturf for dogs may seem strange but think about it. It is made of a resin material that doesn’t absorb. Simply hose the area off once in a while and you are all set. You may need to clean up the yard as you would real lawn for larger dogs. Or hire a company that has a pooper scooper and willing to do it for you. The idea is that if it can break down into a liquid it will be washed away rather easily.

We love our pets and they love us. This is why we found it important for us to offer grass that does allow pets to relieve themselves on it and not harm it in any way. This faux grass for dogs has a wonderful natural feel to not only us, but them as well. The draining system that is set into place will allow them to use your lawn as they always have without any question. And, you have no worries as it is set up for this and will be harmed by a little pet relief. This type of grass is made with pets in mind.

Astroturf for Dogs

Astroturf for dogs is a revolutionary way to have the very best option for those that love a nice lawn but want to keep their pets as well. It is made with patented technology. This technology allows it to drain properly. You will not have any built-up odors or stains from pets either. If you love the look of a nice lawn and are thinking about artificial grass for dogs, you have come to the right place. Artificial grass is perfect for those that love a good looking lawn without all the maintenance and nobody has to know. It has the look and feel of real grass, so much so that your pet will not even know the difference!

Take a look at our pet turf for your dog park. Pet turf is perfect for dog parks as it is made to handle the traffic. Faux grass is awesome at handling large traffic volume without turning into dirt. And, it is harder for the dogs to dig in, which keeps them from digging holes in their play yard. There a few options of what type of grass you’d like it to mimic. However, we think you will be very pleased with the options. Be sure to ask questions, should you have any, we are happy to help. Have the very best dog park in the state with our fake grass for dogs.

Do you have a dog that loves to dig and have tried everything to get him to stop? Well, we understand completely, but with this fake pet grass you will soon have your yard back and Fido will be jealous. The lawn will forever look amazing. There will no longer be paths where the dog paces against the yard waiting for you to come home. Everything will have a nice even look to it that will never have to be mowed or weeded. It will look nice all the time, even in drought and the best part? It is environmentally safe and pet safe as well.
Our synthetic lawns are made to be used indoors as well as outdoors. Maybe you have a dog arena that you’d like to have grass in that will always look nice no matter how much the pets run on it. This is great for a doggie daycare to keep their yards looking amazing without all the dirt and mud that sometimes comes up when you have a large number of animals.

Fake Dog Grass

Our fake dog grass is perfect for those with businesses that have people passing by often during dog walks. Dogs just cannot pass by a tree without stopping. And, this will help your business front stay looking nice without worry that the dogs are killing the grass. Pets are more and more popular these days with more and more people enjoying their time with them, for good reason. They are good for our health and provide emotional support. There are all types of pets but dogs are well, a man’s best friend. And, they have been for centuries. Because of this, we need to adapt our world to include them as much as we can.

Ready to convert your yard into the perfect “pet playground”? Give us a call and schedule your free Pet Turf consultation!

Artificial Grass for Dogs

K9 Grass

K9 Grass - Texas Fake Grass

Pet Turf

Pet Turf - Texas Fake Grass