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At Texas Fake Grass, we deliver high-end turf and artificial grass solutions, at affordable prices, with guaranteed results from start to finish and edge to edge.

Many home and business owners are making to switch to artificial grass. The reason is simple: artificial grass is more versatile, easier to maintain, and it is more physically appealing than natural grass wherever it is placed. Since artificial grass was first introduced in the 1960s, modern technology has not only improved it; it is now more affordable than ever.


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Texas Fake Grass is an expert in everything turf related- fake grass, fake lawns, artificial turf, artificial grass, artificial lawns, synthetic grass, pet runs and turf, putting greens, playgrounds and even man-caves! Whether inside or outside your home or business, our team of expertly trained sales and installation professionals are ready to tackle any size project with our custom-installations and designs. Our mission at Texas Fake Grass is to exceed the customer’s expectations in service, quality and value by completing jobs on time and budget.


Keeping your lawn green throughout the seasons is a never ending battle. Trying to maintain a lush, deep green appearance can become expensive and time consuming. At Texas Fake Grass, our professional artificial turf installers can solve that problem.

By installing synthetic artificial grass in Texas, you are able to bypass all the time and expenses that go into maintaining a traditional lawn. No more weekly mowing, bending over to pull weeds, watering (allowing you to reduce that monthly bill), spreading fertilizer, or spraying for weeds. With artificial turf in Texas, your lawn will be green all year long and provide an amazing outdoor space that is resilient to weather conditions and traffic from playing or walking. To schedule an estimate with our Texas artificial grass installation professionals, request a quote today.


  • Save time every week by not having to spend hours mowing or weeding
  • Reduce your monthly water bill (no more watering the lawn!)
  • Eco-friendly – reduces the demand put on aquifers and other water sources by reducing the amount of water that is used
  • Beautiful, lush appearance all year round – built to preserve its color year after year
  • Long lasting with low maintenance – our artificial grass is designed to be resilient and durable no matter the weather conditions
  • No more worrying about shaded areas having thick turf
  • Helps reduce pollen and grass count that contribute to seasonal allergies – you are able to enjoy the warm spring days in the yard or garden without feeling miserable from allergies
  • Great for kids play areas – a safer alternative that keeps your kids away from the mud, rocks, or potential allergies that are present with traditional yards
  • Pet areas – provides a location for pets to play without digging and destroying your yard, and also a place to relieve themselves without staining the lawn

Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to reduce time and expenditures spent on maintaining your lawn, you want to reduce costs at your business property without compromising curb appeal, or you are looking into a synthetic turf for recreational uses such as sports fields or a play area in your backyard, our professional synthetic grass installers located throughout Texas offer a wide array of astroturf and artificial grasses to fit your individual needs and desires for the uniqueness of your property. Request a quote today and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your project.


Installing artificial grass removes the pollen production in the surrounding area, providing you with allergy relief.


Our goal is to give you the highest quality, longest lasting product in the industry.


Removing water bills, lawn maintenance and pesticide use equates to a significant savings over time.


Check out some of our past Artificial Grass projects. We are proud of our work and love to show it off! Find out why we are the authority on all things turf in Texas!